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Singer Maja Založnik, represents that voice on the Slovenian music scene, where you persist and convince you to listen. Maja is certainly not a flush of the day. In the Slovenian musical pool, she belongs to the category of those Slovenian performers whose interpretations of various musical genres leave them far from cold.

As a musician she developed her technique of singing, expression and performance at various stages, first with the help of the experiences gathered during the participation in various television projects, among them Karaoke, Popstars, Slovenia has Talent , the Mission Eurovision and later The Voice of Germany.

Each walkway was motivation for the future. And auditions gave her even more impetus to insist in the world of music and live her dreams. This decision proved to be correct, since today with its characteristic, performance and approach to music and attractive retro look on the stage, Maja attracts a lot of attention on the domestic music scene - also the attention of various Slovenian performers.

When you combine good energy, the desire for quality music and concerts, and a bit of sense for team work - then you are on the right track to good results.

This equation of the above was given a new result, now called Moonshine. In May 2014, Kosta and Maja combined all elements of the equation - the desire to play concerts, to play and create new music  together. They invited other parameters the other members of the band to participate and to join new journey they  started.

For many years band Moonshine have been working on pop, soul, rock, blues and funk musical genres. They recorded a promo video, where you can hear and see their music orientation and their energy. They performed together at various stages in Slovenia, Serbia and Austria. They are very happy to attract people under the stage with being energetic and enjoying.

They also recorded and released some of their own songs, in 2015, the song "You are my life", which later got a video overlay; and a new song released in May 2018 "Smejem se"; for which the video was recorded in August, all this under the arms of Dallas Records Slovenia. In March 2019 they released their first album, called Pieces.